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Welcome to
the Mentoress Collective

Welcome to
the Mentoress Collective

“I’m Marcella Allison, the fearless founder of Mentoress Collective, a powerful network of female freelancers and entrepreneurs.”

– Marcella Allison, founder of Mentoress Collective, author of Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? Wit & Wisdom From Women in Business

… and I’d like to welcome you to the Mentoress Collective.

As a senior member of our community, you now have full access to all our resources.

Full access means that you’re a member in a fierce female collective…

Network with some of the smartest and most successful women in business today.

Connect with mentors and mentees (without weird gatekeeping like LinkedIn or fake “friending” on Facebook)

Member-only access to Monthly Athena’s Keys Trainings:

training that makes short work of spanning the gaps we all know exist in the workplace and in the marketplace. These monthly meetings will help you position yourself for greatness. You’ll want to schedule these on your calendar right away. But if you have to miss one, you’ll find all of the recordings in the Mentoress Collective Library of Resources.

Member-only access to the NEW Mentoress Collective Mentoring Group:

our brand new women-only (non-Facebook) networking and mentoring program will open new doors and connect you with incredible women all over the world. As we all know, networking is the key to your next contract, so building this network with us is going to be the fastest way to bring in double, and triple, the amount of money you’ve made in the past.

Monthly Ripple Effect networking sessions:

where you’ll connect with fellow members in an intimate setting where you can share your own knowledge and expertise with the community and ask for any resources, connections, or expertise you need in return.

Bi-Monthly Copy Breakdown Sessions with some of the best working A-list copywriters today:

where you’ll go behind the scenes and actually discover how million-dollar copy is created from the ugly first draft to the polished final product.

Exclusive discounts on all Mentoress Collective meetups, products, and courses —you will never pay full price again.

Member-only access to our exclusive Mentoress Collective Library of Resources:

where you’ll discover a wealth of past mentoring, training, presentations and in-depth discussions—all designed to help you succeed as a woman in business.

Member-only invitations to join our guest experts on screen:

ask questions, and participate in live trainings. This insider access is one of the best ways to elevate your business and build your authority with other female leaders, up close and in a non-competitive environment.

Member-only recordings of our legendary Mentoress Collective Literary Salons

with “leading ladies” from all over the world: your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in our business.

And there’s more, because your membership includes absolutely everything available to all levels of the community. You literally have access to every member, and every event. So be sure to take advantage of these features as well that are open to everyone in the Mentoress Collective:

Private Facebook group

where we actively co-mentor each other, hold a protected space for honest discussion, share job opportunities, and more (Be sure to join here).

Fearless Fast Writes

where we punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights

Mentoress Collective Literary Salons

with “leading ladies” from all over the world… your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in our business


focused on top-tier copywriting tactics, well-seasoned (sometimes salty) career advice, and the mindset you need to grow, thrive, and stay sane

Thought-provoking e-letters

that reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, and the OMG, WTF? of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.

Be as fierce & go as far
as you desire

To begin taking advantage of everything that’s now yours, please click here to access the Member’s Only area of the Mentoress Collective website.


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And watch your inbox for an email invitation from our Mentoress Collective membership portal, our women-only networking and mentoring group.

In fact, you’ll want to whitelist (or VIP for Apple products) this email and Mighty Network emails so you don’t miss out on anything going on within the Mentoress Collective.

You’ll want to jump in right away and create your profile and introduce yourself… look around your new home.

This is where you’ll meet mentors… and become a mentor yourself.

That’s it for now… but this is just the beginning.

We’re so excited to welcome you to the Mentoress Collective!

Love always,


“We will no longer be contained by the old boy’s club rules of business.”

This is the hidden advantage of a women-only network, as we share the keys to closing the success gaps we will no longer let get in our way.


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