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7 Proven Tips to Turn an Abstract Concept into a Groundbreaking Control

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In our high-level training Fellow Mentoress, Cindy Butehorn, Founder of NetEffect Marketing, Copy Accelerator Member, and one of the best Copy Chiefs in the business and I break down our very successful “Spatial Computing” promotion. 

I’m talking “we haven’t seen results this good in years” kind of success. It has been running for over a year now, which is very rare in the financial space. We were the first (as far as I know) to write a winning Metaverse promo long before Facebook decided to change its name to Meta.

Discover how we wrestled this big abstract concept into compelling copy loaded with tasty benefits that appealed to our audience. Plus why we deliberately never used the word Metaverse in the promo when we first launched it.

In our Copy Breakdown, we revealed…

  • The research rabbit holes and dead ends that ultimately lead to the big idea. Plus, why your first idea is probably not your best and how to know when you need to keep looking.
  • How to “draft” your way to a winning headline. Swipe file secrets that can save you a mountain of blood, sweat, and tears.
  • Why you never want to be “too early” with a new idea and how to know when the time is just right. Lessons learned from pitching Bitcoin, NFTs, Blockchain, and the Metaverse.
  • What it’s really like to work with a top copy chief. Go behind the scenes and see the detailed back and forth that took this copy from good to great.
  • The one skill every financial copywriter MUST master to succeed. Has nothing to do with writing.

If you’re a Senior Mentoress, you can find the recording in the Mighty Networks Library. 

If you’re a member of Copy Accelerator, you can find the recording in the Video Trainings area of the membership, under “Most Recent Calls” as well as “Open Q&A’s and Special Guests”

So download your copy of this breakthrough technology financial VSL control now and get ready to put these lessons to work in your own copy today.

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