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The Sexist Secret to Succeeding

as a Woman in Business

Shocking new research in the Harvard Business Review reveals that women need women-only networks to succeed at the highest levels in business.

In fact, women who have BOTH a co-ed network of well-connected peers and a second women-only network… land jobs with greater authority and 250% BETTER pay.

Why? It turns out women share critical information with each other. And that information helps them to succeed in the often male-dominated world of business.

Download your copy of The Sexist Secret to Succeeding as a Woman in Business today and discover…

  • The single biggest obstacle women face when building their business. And no, it’s not access to capital or discrimination. The answer will surprise you.
  • How to close the pay gap. According to a recent survey, female freelancers charge 28% LESS than their male colleagues. 28%! Here’s what you must do now, BEFORE you book another job!
  • The ONE household task that working women are THREE TIMES as likely to do. Forget about washing the dishes or vacuuming, this one will exhaust you before you realize it.
  • Clever trick helps women overcome their fear of failure. It’s like a risk vaccine for entrepreneurs.
  • One simple thing any woman can do to TRIPLE her chance of earning 10% MORE money next year. Hint: it has nothing to do with marketing!
  • And much, much more…

The Titanides is an all-female network of marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs. Together we are building a new arena where dynamic, creative women co-mentor, elevate, and support each other on the journey to success.

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