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The savvy woman’s secret
to Succeeding In a

Discover the new science behind all-female mentoring and networking and how it can boost your confidence, build your authority, and nearly triple your income in only 12 months!

Look, I’m a woman who can hang with the bros. I can tell dirty jokes and swear like a sailor. I can dish out dating advice and tell you when to swipe left or right. I can hang at the bar and drink bourbon and buy the next round.

Depending on what you need, I’ll be the “mom,” the “work wife,” or the “salty old broad.”

But no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be part of the “bro culture” or the “old boys’” club because I don’t have the right equipment to join. I’ll never slip past the gates or infiltrate the ranks.

And I don’t want to. Because I have no desire to ever become a bro.

That can be a problem if you’re a female freelancer, creative, or entrepreneur.

Because bros and “old boys” take care of their own. They network, mentor, and promote other bros and old boys.

  • It’s why male CEOs still outnumber female CEOs by a whopping 17 to one, and more than half of all companies do not have a single female executive officer. Not one.
  • It’s why male founders receive 86% of venture capital funding while female founders receive less than 3%.
  • It’s why men worldwide are 25% more likely to start a new business and about 33% more likely to own an established business.
  • It’s why men get promoted more and paid more for the exact same job.

Co-Authors Laura Gale and Marcella Allison at the launch of the Mentoress Collective anthology, Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before? Wit and Wisdom from Women in Business

Lynne Littman put it best in the documentary film This Changes Everything when she said, “Misogyny is an invisible sport.”

Now, as a female entrepreneur and business owner, you can spend your life trying to fit in.

You can play golf, talk sports, and stand on the outside trying to edge your way in but…

…the research shows, given the chance, a bro will choose another bro over you, every time.

That’s why I believe that the solution is NOT to become one of the bros. And it is NOT to start a war with them either…

The solution is to take a page out of the old boys’ playbook and start your own club.

There’s a place for bro culture, it’s just not MY place.

That’s why I founded the Mentoress Collective (formerly known as Titanides Mentoring Collective) in 2014 for fierce female freelancers and entrepreneurs.

tap into the power

of the “Old Girls’” Club


The Mentoress Collective is the hidden advantage to going as fierce and as far in business as you desire.

Because new research shows women need women-only spaces to survive and thrive in a bro culture world.

In a study of 2,600 women across all industries, if a woman attended just one women-only conference or networking event, she DOUBLED her chances of getting a promotion in the following year. Yes, doubled!

Not only that, but she tripled her chances of earning 10% or more in the following year.

And it’s not just about the money.

8 out of 10 women who attended a women-only networking event reported feeling more optimistic about their future. And 7 out of 10 women reported feeling more connected.

Now, research shows that when you feel more optimistic, you have better business outcomes.

And when you feel more connected, you are happier and more successful.

So, no wonder women’s income went up!

We’ve seen the same kind of results in the Mentoress Collective.

I have to tell you that because of the Mentoress Collective and the women in it who have encouraged me to stand firm in negotiating pay, I was just able to negotiate a 50% increase in my pay! 

Thank you for helping me believe in myself and not be afraid of asking for what I’m worth. It paid off, and I now get to handle work on a much bigger scale. I’m thrilled. Thank you all.

– Melissa Gouty, Marketing Manager

The prestigious Boston Consulting Group confirms that access to robust support networks like the Mentoress Collective helps to close the success gap between male-founded and female-founded businesses.

These peer-to-peer networks encourage women to set higher goals for their businesses, to plan for growth, and to embrace innovation. The result is better sustainability and improved income.

When female entrepreneurs in Nigeria were given access to a professional and peer-to-peer network they increased their profits by an impressive 31%.

That’s the power of your female network. As one participant put it, “If you’re facing any challenges or you need some contacts, you just say it and your sisters come to your help. We call ourselves sisterpreneurs.”

Look, I’m not saying you don’t need men. We all benefit from co-ed networks of well-connected peers.

I’m saying that women need an inner circle of close women-only contacts, because ambitious women “often face cultural and political hurdles that men typically do not.”

It’s not about replacing your co-ed network with an all-female community… it’s about ADDING a second women-only network.

In fact, women who have BOTH a co-ed network of super-connected peers…

…AND a second women-only inner circle…

land jobs with nearly triple the salary and more authority than women who rely only on their co-ed network.

That’s because women share private insider information with each other – just like the old boys do.

Women share job opportunities, connections, and introductions with each other. And, we actively promote our own.

Just ask Melanie Warren who landed her dream job during the pandemic thanks to the Mentoress Collective

Marcella sent me a direct link to the job with a note that said, “I’d hate to lose you, but this job would be perfect for you.” I’d seen the link before, but I didn’t register that it could be for me until Marcella pointed it out. Blindspots are funny that way.

The Mentoress Collective network was what made the difference.

Thanks to the amazing relationships I’ve made in the Mentoress Collective, I was able to do something almost unheard of… on July 19, 2020, I declared the kind of job I wanted and 4 weeks later, I had that exact job. It wouldn’t have happened without the Mentoress Collective. I’m now in-house with a reputable company, working in my exact niche, and making more money than I did pre-quarantine. I’m eternally grateful.

Melanie Warren

You never know what future adventures your conversations in The Mentoress Collective may lead to! Today, I’m passing the torch of a six-figure leadership position to a fellow Mentoress I crossed paths with inside the private Facebook group. My company is thrilled that I was able to find my own replacement a full month before I’m scheduled to move on. A win-win all around.Thanks to Marcella, Bernadine, and Melanie for giving us all this space to connect.”

Julie Ann Hassett
Copy Chief

The Mentoress Collective
always has your back.

When you become a member today you can…

  • Break into industries, jobs, and opportunities you never thought possible, using one simple principle.
  • Double… and even triple… your chances of getting bigger gigs and better pay, by making one tiny adjustment to your calendar this year.
  • Get the ONE tool that Harvard Business Review says all women need to succeed at the highest levels in business.
  • Leverage the power of soft skills to directly increase your income.

The goal is to provide you with a powerful inner circle of women in your professional life that will enable you to double or even triple your income within the next 12 months.

Find Experienced Mentors to Help
show you the way

Mentors are critically important to women in business. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 small business owners say that mentors are vital to their success.

But for women, finding a mentor can be challenging.

A survey from Development Dimensions International, a global leadership consulting firm, discovered that less than 4 in 10 female executives have ever had a formal mentor. Yet another study found that women are less likely to receive the kind of critical mentoring and sponsorship that opens doors.

One reason women struggle to find mentors is because men tend to mentor other men. It’s the old boys’ club at work again.

And the situation has only gotten worse in the wake of #MeToo. According to a report from, “the number of men who are uncomfortable mentoring women has more than tripled since the recent media coverage on sexual harassment.”

If you want to succeed as a woman in business, then you cannot wait for a man to decide he’s comfortable enough to mentor you.

You need to take control of your own future with network-based mentoring.

Network-based mentoring was developed by Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Founder of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity. She created it to help women and people of color in academia transition better toward tenure. And it can help female freelancers and entrepreneurs too.

In network-based mentoring, you work with your mentor to identify the specific skills and connections you need to succeed. Then your mentor helps you to build a broad and deep network of mentors to meet those needs. The result is more like a mentoring roadmap than a white knight on a horse.

Network-based mentoring encourages all of us to take responsibility for our success and to ask for what we need from the mentoring relationship. This can be uncomfortable at first because many of us were not taught to ask.

That’s why in the Mentoress Collective we regularly practice asking each other for mentoring…

The women I’ve gotten to know here have helped me so much! In just the past two weeks, I’ve talked to four mentors about my pricing for new projects that I knew were their niches. I also lined up two more as experts for articles I’m writing. AND I’ve recommended several women for projects I’ve heard about. It’s awesome having such a network of talented women to tap into and to promote…I’m so glad I found the Mentoress Collective and decided to become a part of it!

Kristen Stelzer,
Kristen Stelzer Content & Copywriting

In the Mentoress Collective,
you’ll discover…

  • A sister soldier to help you navigate the unique gauntlet of obstacles that women face as they grow their businesses.
  • Road-tested wisdom to help you overcome lack of business experience and lack of access to capital, as well as covert and overt sexism.
  • Focused coaching, mentoring, and actionable advice from women who have been there, done that, and have the t-shirt and battle scars to prove it.

Pay It Forward
by mentoring another woman

In a “bro culture” world, mentoring is typically “top-down.” Mentors act like Yoda or the Godfather dispensing wisdom to eager young Jedis.

In the Mentoress Collective, there is no Grand Poobah. We’re a collective of brilliant, talented women who share knowledge, experience, and strength with each other.

We are ALL both a mentor and a mentee to each other.

I’m talking about co-mentoring or reciprocal mentoring.

In reciprocal mentoring both the mentor and mentee bring their own insights, life experience, and skills to the table. And the payoff for you and your business is worth it.

Research shows reciprocal mentoring boosts productivity, increases fulfillment, and provides opportunities for growth for both partners. It also has greater lifelong impact than traditional top-down mentoring.

Reciprocal mentoring is about shared power, not hierarchy. And it’s not just about career skills… it’s about resilience, self-care, and emotional intelligence too.

As women, we tend to underestimate what we have to offer. We think we have to have it all figured out before we can share our wisdom with another woman.

But every woman, whether you’ve been in business one day or a decade, has learned something that can help another woman to succeed. We have to be willing to share this knowledge and wisdom with each other. This is the kind of “insider knowledge” that any minority group needs when trying to succeed in the male-dominated world of business.

If you want the future of business to be more female and diverse, then you must step up and mentor another woman.

So far inside my membership I have connected with Irene Scott who helped me with my LinkedIn presence. We keep each other accountable for consistency and expanding our reach. I’ve connected with Angie Colee also both inside the Mentoress Collective and LinkedIn. I’ve been matched with Melanie Warren and Maureen Doyle who will help me grow sales with their various skill sets. My network of solid connections and amazing women suddenly quadrupled when I joined the Mentoress Collective. The value I’ve found in just the networking and mentoring alone is incredible. Thank you!

Misty Mozejko

The Mentoress Collective brings you…

  • The best, scientifically-proven mutual-mentoring method for helping women get ahead without all the mansplaining or condescending advice-giving
  • A chance to build your authority and leave a lasting legacy by paying it forward to women who are in the same position you were a few years (or even just a few months) ago
  • Personally targeted introductions to like-minded women, strategic contacts, and opportunities custom designed for YOU

Give Your Female-Founded Business

the Best
Chance for

As a new freelancer or entrepreneur, statistically speaking you’ve got an 80% chance of making it through year one according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is you’ve only got a 70% chance of making it through year two.

And you’ve only got about a 50/50 shot at making it past year five.

By the time you hit the ten-year mark, you’ve only got a 3 in 10 shot at still being in business.

And these statistics don’t even take into account the differences between male and female entrepreneurs.

Because women in business face even greater hurdles…
If you’re female and you’ve been in business for more than a hot minute, you already know how hard it is to succeed in a still mostly male-dominated business world.

The odds are NOT “ever in your favor.” Female entrepreneurship looks more like The Hunger Games than a walk in the park.

Women face greater challenges breaking into male-dominated networks. We have a harder time connecting with high-level mentors.

We struggle to access the capital we need to help grow our companies. Whether you’re trying to get a traditional bank loan or raise venture capital, if you’re a female entrepreneur, you are far more likely to hear “No” than “Yes.”

Not only that, but too often women are still the minority in any business room or boardroom. We have to fight to be heard in a world where we are culturally conditioned to believe that business ownership requires a Y chromosome.

The challenges you are facing in your business are not unique to you.

Millions of other female entrepreneurs are facing this same daunting gauntlet of hurdles.

That’s why every month in the Mentoress Collective we invite a successful female freelancer, entrepreneur, or coach to share the techniques and skills you need to overcome the very real, and very specific gaps, female entrepreneurs face in business.

We call these Athena’s Keys because she was the original “Mentoress.”

In the ancient Greek story of the Odyssey, it was Mentor who was supposed to keep the household running, guide and protect the king’s son, Telemachus, and teach him what he needed to know to succeed. This is where we get the idea of a mentor today.

Unfortunately, Mentor failed miserably, and the entire household was a hot mess.

That’s when Athena took matters into her own hands. She disguised herself as Mentor, cleaned up the mess and helped Telemachus get his act together.

So, it turns out “mentor” was actually a “mentoress.”

By focusing on the 5 Athena’s Keys you can position yourself and your

for long term success.

  • The Money Key:  rethink your financial approach. Start charging what you’re really worth, earn more, and raise more money for your business.
  • The Caregiving Key:  recalibrate your responsibilities. Ask for help to share the burden from domestic and family duties, to the emotional and mental labor you carry at home and work.
  • The Self-Care Key:  restore yourself.  Make time for your physical and mental health, and start making your own well-being a priority.
  • The Leadership Key:  rule your world. Position yourself as an expert in your field (no more imposter syndrome!) and start taking the stage.
  • The Growth Key:  risk more. Learn to take bigger swings and greater leaps, not without risk, but with wisdom and confidence guiding the way

Every month inside the Mentoress Collective, we have a high-level special expert guest provide mentoring on one of Athena’s Keys, and the feedback has been fantastic…

Join host Marcella Allison and special guest experts for exclusive monthly trainings that uplevel your business.

Collaborate and network with other successful women in business and bridge the gaps that are holding you back.

In these monthly trainings, you’ll discover how to…

  • Bounce back from burnout, or better yet, avoid burnout altogether with simple self-care tools designed for women creatives
  • Overcome the biggest hurdle to pricing yourself correctly as a freelancer, because the biggest “glass ceiling” isn’t in corporate America. (You’ll be shocked to discover what it is.)
  • Instantly get 28% more income from each freelance project you do by making one simple change
  • Pay yourself first, so you can command your worth and easily manage your finances, even if you’re not a “numbers person”
  • Understand your superpowers and discover how to use your greatness for good, and which so-called “weaknesses” are holding you back
  • Learn how to position yourself as an expert and undeniable authority in your field and seamlessly connect the dots between your old life and the one you’re building now
  • Take control of the stage (in any area of your life) with confident and magnetic personal branding and messaging
  • Take calculated creative risks and boldly go after your dreams (without guilt or fear)

…and so much more.


And these Athena’s Keys trainings are just one small example
of the power of the Mentoress Collective…

Become a Member of the Mentoress Collective Today and Jump Start Your Business and Your Income With an Army of
fierce female freelancers
and entrepreneurs

Women need to network with other women, especially in the new COVID world.

It’s the fastest way to land your next gig. You can think of it like “speed mentoring.”

The Mentoress Collective is a unique space where women feel safe enough to take risks, to speak their minds, and to be creative… all without getting attacked or undermined. Research shows this is one of the most important factors for women’s success in any group.

We’ve helped women find jobs, fill key vacancies at the companies they own, and find partners to grow. We’ve passed over our best scripts and one-liners for negotiating up our rates, dealing with deadbeats, and setting boundaries against scope creep and sexism. And almost every day, we’ve risen up to face new challenges, questions, and opportunities to support each other.

And we’ve done it all in our own space, with our own rules, and our own culture.

Because ultimately, it’s not about the bros… it’s about US.

Let me be clear, I mentor guys all the time. And I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best men in the business. I’m also married to one of the greatest guys I know and I’ve raised two amazing sons.

We live in the real world. There are many men who are loving, supportive and admirable.

This is not about the men!

This is NOT some man-hating torch and pitchfork vendetta!

This IS about changing our lives for the better.

The Mentoress Collective is about mentoring more women to succeed in the world… and stack the deck in our favor…

…and we are inviting you to join us today.

When you Join the Mentoress Collective
as a Senior Member today

you get access to a wealth of
career boosting
resources like…

  • Fearless Fast Writes: join us as we use proven journaling techniques to punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights. It’s truly a magical experience every time.
  • Mentoress Literary Salons: join best selling authors from all over the world for mentoring and conversation on key topics for women in business. As a Senior Member you can join our guest experts on screen, ask questions, and participate in live training. This insider access is one of the best ways to elevate your business and build your authority with other female leaders, up close and in a non-competitive environment. Senior Members also have exclusive access to all Literary Salon recordings so you never have to worry about missing a session again.
  • Senior Member-only Athena’s Keys Trainings: tactical tools and tips from top female freelancers and entrepreneurs to help you increase your profits, practice better self-care, grow your business, share the caregiving load better, improve your leadership skills, and be as fierce and go as far in business as you desire.
  • Senior Member-only access to our private Mentoress Collective co-mentoring community on Mighty Networks: our brand new women-only networking and mentoring program will open new doors and connect you with incredible women all over the world. As we all know, networking is the key to your next contract, so building this network with us is going to be the fastest way to bring in double, and triple, the amount of money you’ve made in the past.
  • Senior Member-only invitation to our Ripple Effect networking sessions: connect with fellow members in an intimate setting where you can share your own knowledge and expertise with the community and ask for any resources, connections, or expertise you need in return.
  • Senior Member-only Copy Breakdown Sessions with some of the best working A-list copywriters today: go behind the scenes and actually discover how million-dollar copy is created from the ugly first draft to the polished final product. Whether you’re a creative, copywriter, or entrepreneur these sessions will help you better market your own products and services.
  • Exclusive Senior Member discounts on all Mentoress Collective meetups, products, and courses: you will never pay full price again.
  • Senior Member-only access to our exclusive Mentoress Collective Library of Resources: where you’ll discover a wealth of past mentoring, training, presentations and in-depth discussions— all designed to help you succeed as a woman in business.

Still not sure if the Mentoress Collective is the right fit for you? Learn More About Free Membership.

Join us as a FREE member of the Collective
and see first hand the value we deliver.

You can network with our Senior Members, ask questions,
and participate in our free guest sessions including our…

  • Monthly Fearless Fast Writes: join us as we use proven journaling techniques to punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights together.
  • Monthly Mentoress Literary Salons: join best selling authors from all over the world for mentoring and conversation on key topics for women in business. This is your chance for meaningful connections with some of the most inspiring minds in business.
  • Private Facebook group where we hold a protected space for honest discussion, share job opportunities, and more.
  • Thought-provoking e-letters that reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, and the OMG, WTF? of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.

Become a Free Member today

SENIOR MEMBERSHIP In The Mentoress Collective gives you the keys to the kingdom so you can unlock the most powerful, and profitable, network of women you will ever have.

You will enjoy exclusive trainings and salons with infamous female copywriters, multi-7-figure business owners, sales and marketing strategists who run multimillion-dollar departments, and women who can help you succeed at the highest levels and skyrocket your income.

women like…

Shelley Brander

founder and CEO of and author of Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur

Barbara Annis

CEO of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG), world-renowned expert on gender, diversity and inclusive leadership, and author of Same Words, Different Language

Carline Anglade-Cole

AWAI award-winning kick-butt million-dollar international copywriter and author of My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled Into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded!

Victoria Labalme

founder of Risk Forward® and Rock The Room® and author of Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius

Ilise Benun

founder of Marketing Mentor, mentor/business coach for designers, copywriters and creative professionals and author of seven books, including The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money

Jenny Thompson

former CEO of NewMarket Health, mission-driven business leader and natural-born marketer, and CEO/Founder, SafetyPIN Technologies

Annie Hyman Pratt

former CEO of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Leadership Expert and founder of Leading Edge Teams

And hundreds of more amazing women like them…

Joining the Mentoress Collective has been an amazing networking experience. And I don’t use the word lightly. Through my membership, members have come to me for guidance for their own marketing (or that of their clients). I have been referred by one member to another who hired me. And I hired yet another Mentoress who has given me the gems and pearls to help me complete my first book.

Amy Biddle,
eCommerce Traffic Handler

Expand your business network and take advantage of

a powerful female mentoring community
like no other.

When you join the Mentoress Collective as a Senior Member today, your membership rate is just $119 a month. As we continue to add more mentoring resources and trainings, the membership fee will continue to increase. But your rate is locked in and will never go up.

There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged for any future months. But once you see the power of this community of fierce female freelancers and entrepreneurs, I’m confident you’ll never want to be on your own again.

That’s less than $120 a month for invaluable training from a parade of “A-Listers” plus targeted mentoring and networking that is proven to boost your income, advance your career, and give you the resilience to survive and thrive in a “bro-culture” world. Just one contact with the right member could pay for your membership for many years.

I think that’s more than fair. And it’s thousands less than most masterminds. Plus, you won’t need a single plane, train, or automobile to learn from and network with the smartest women in business.

So, are you in?

Join today to snag your membership
before the next price increase.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mentoress Collective is for WOMEN ONLY. If you are female or identify as female you are welcome to join us.

If you are male, or identify as male, while we welcome and appreciate your support, you cannot participate in our closed community. And if you’ve read my letter to this point, we’re glad you’re an ally, and you certainly understand!

Remember, membership in the Mentoress Collective is so much more than a simple membership portal. The Mentoress Collective is the extremely alive sisterhood that has your back.

Imagine a world where you go it alone, where there is no support, no “old girls’ club” protecting your back. That’s a grim reality I never want to face again.

Together let’s set ourselves up for a world of success in the years to come.

Because we all rise together.

Love always,

P.S. You don’t have to go it alone. Membership in an all-female network has been proven to provide you with a network that will enable you to create nearly triple the income within the next 12 months and to envelop you into a collective where you feel in your heart of hearts you belong.


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