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This is it, the LAST DAY…

Award-Winning A-List Copywriter,

Top Copy Chief and Sought-After Mentor,

Marcella Allison is giving away her entire

Mentoress Collective Legacy of Success

for only $99

So that YOU can bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be…

And go as fierce and as far in copywriting, business, and life as you desire!

This is your one and only chance to grab lifetime access to this treasury of high-impact training, life skills, and co-mentoring from some of the smartest and most successful women (and a few men) in business today.

From the desk of Marcella Allison

This is the legacy I am the most proud of in my career.

For the past seven years the Mentoress Collective (formerly the Titanides) has helped hundreds if not thousands of female and female-adjacent creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to succeed – not just in business, but in life too. 

We’ve also helped our male friends and advocates understand the key differences between male and female entrepreneurs and to use this knowledge to help the women on their teams and in their companies to succeed better.

And we’ve helped hundreds of copywriters (both men and women) to uplevel their skills with our in-depth Copy Breakdowns with some of the top A-list writers in the world.

Now we are closing the doors to the Mentoress Collective for good and I want to share this priceless legacy with YOU.

The truth is, sometimes endings suck. 

But what do you do when change becomes inevitable?

You pivot and gracefully go in a different direction. That’s the secret to a successful business and LIFE.

After years of sacrificing my financial, emotional, and spiritual well-being in service to others, I’ve decided to stop playing the martyr and start practicing some better self-care.

It’s time to close this door and open another.

Yes, it’s sad and I’m still grieving.

But I have made peace with this decision because I know the legacy we have created here will continue to ripple out from one woman to the next for years to come.

That’s why for the first and last time I’m offering…


LEGACY BUNDLE #1: The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns – 12 winning promotions in health, finance, training, travel, and more…

Available to EVERYONE.


LEGACY BUNDLE #2: Mentoresss Collective Legacy of Success

Including: The Complete Mentoress Collective Library of Trainings – 70 additional Success Key trainings specifically designed to help female and female-adjacent entrepreneurs not just survive but thrive in a male-dominated business world.

PLUS The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns – 12 winning promotions in health, finance, training, travel, and more

Available ONLY to Female and Female-Adjacent Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.


Here’s all the details on each bundle…



The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns

For ANYONE (Both Men and Women) Who Wants to Go Behind-the-Scenes to Understand What It Really Takes to Create Million Dollar Copy – 

From the Sh*tty First Draft to the Final Polished Promotion

Join me and my special guest experts as we break down 12 winning promotions in health, finance, training, travel, and more…

In these Copy Breakdowns we pull back the curtain and show you exactly how the sausage is made… the good, the bad, and the ugly…  on the way to the final polished promotion. 

It’s not about showing off all our pretty wins. It’s about showing you the exact messy step-by-step process whereby bad copy is polished and refined into great copy. Because great copy isn’t written, it’s revised.

And these Copy Breakdowns are not just for copywriters.  Most successful businesses understand that good marketing is critical. Knowing the principles of good copy as a creative entrepreneur could make all the difference in how fast you grow and scale.


When you order The Mentoresss Collective Copy Breakdown Legacy Bundle #1 you get…

Copy Breakdown #1:  7 Proven Tips to Turn an Abstract Concept into a Groundbreaking Control with Special Guest Cindy Butehorn ($249 Value) 

Cindy Butehorn, Founder of NetEffect Marketing, uber-talented direct marketer, and top copy chief joins me as we break down our very successful “Spatial Computing” promotion. 

See how we wrestled this big abstract concept into compelling copy loaded with tasty benefits that appealed to our audience. Plus why we deliberately never used the word Metaverse in the promo.

In this exclusive Copy Breakdown, you’ll discover:

    • The research rabbit holes and dead ends that ultimately lead to the big idea. Plus, why your first idea is probably not your best and how to know when you need to keep looking.
    • How to “draft” your way to a winning headline. Swipe file secrets that can save you a mountain of blood, sweat, and tears.
    • Why you never want to be “too early” with a new idea and how to know when the time is just right. Lessons learned from pitching Bitcoin, NFTs, Blockchain, and the Metaverse.
    • What it’s really like to work with a top copy chief. Go behind the scenes and see the detailed back and forth that took this copy from good to great.

7 Proven Tips to Turn an Abstract Concept Into a Groundbreaking Control wins the Academy Award!


I doubt that there will be anything to top the analysis, authenticity, and peek into the inner thinking of the participants that can match it this year. Many thanks for an exceptional program!” 


— Diana B., Copywriter and Communications Consultant


Copy Breakdown #2:  How to Turn Boring Facts into Compelling Copy with Special Guest David Deutsch ($249 Value)

My long-time friend, mentor, top copy chief, and A-list copywriter David Deutsch joins me as we break down one of our successful book promotions for Bottom Line’s Kitchen Cabinet Cures

See first hand how David uses his Copy Thinking secrets to help elevate the copy beyond obvious, everybody-knows-this information to compelling copy that sold millions of dollars worth of books in the US alone.

You’ll discover…

    • How to take ordinary, dare I say boring, facts and turn them into compelling copy that makes your reader want to follow you to the ends of the earth just to get what you’re selling.
    • How to easily write compelling bullets (fascinations) that make people insanely curious (this is one of David’s super powers).
    • How to raise the stakes to get people to act.
    • How to be different enough to stand out — but not so different that you turn prospects off.

Copy Breakdown #3:  How to Come Up with the Big Idea for a Winning Promo with Special Guest Kim Krause Schwalm ($249 Value)

Kim is one of the country’s top A-list copywriters, with dozens of successful controls in the highly-competitive health, supplement, skin care, and financial niches. 

In this in-depth session, Kim breaks down her successful Systeme 41 Night Cream — “They Lied!” promo. She walks you through her process for coming up with the “big idea,” doing her research, overcoming skepticism and objections, structuring her promo, and closing the sale for her hugely successful promo for a skin cream product.


Copy Breakdown #4:  How to Turn a Personal Story Into a Winning Control ($249 Value)

In this session, I show you how I turned a personal family story into a new multi-year control for Ultimate Bone Support – a bone supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals. 

I’ll share with you how I came up with the big idea at Easter dinner with my family. And how I developed it into a new winning package. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at my market research. With tips you can use on your next project. Plus I’ll reveal the right way and the wrong way to use your own story in copy.

“Marcella is an unbeatable package.


She has extensive copy chops in both health and financial copy and she is an extraordinary teacher. Finding both in one package is like finding a unicorn. Remember the best teacher you ever had? That’s Marcella.


There is no one who can do a copy breakdown like Marcella. It’s not just that her analysis is sharp and insightful, her gift is the ability to present it so that you know how it applies to you and your copy. She makes that extra step that shows you specifically what it means for YOU and how you can use it in your own work.”


— Serena Savage, Copy Director, TradeSmith, LLC


Copy Breakdown #5:  The $7 Million Dollar “Last Chance” Offer with Special Guest Julie Hassett ($249 Value)

Julie Hassett, Copy Chief at TradeSmith, a rapidly growing financial services company in Baltimore, reveals the secret behind one of her biggest controls – bringing in over $7 million in net revenue over two weeks. That’s HUGE! Many copywriters want a 6 figure income, this one promo gave Julie her first 6-figure royalty check. It was THAT powerful.

In this Copy Breakdown, you discover:

    • The impact that a prominently-featured date/future event can have on reader motivation
    • The huge revenue boost that a direct mail component (in this case, a postcard) can have
    • The effectiveness of “early access,” “free” and “last chance” grouped into one
    • How a pattern of Promise >> Proof >>Demonstration helps keep people engaged

Copy Breakdown #6:  How to be a Kick-Ass Copy Chief with Special Guest Angie Colee ($249 Value)

Angie Colee has been a copy chief for highly successful entrepreneurs like Kevin Rogers, Chris Orzechowski, and Jeff Walker to name a few. 

In this exclusive training she reveals what it really takes to mentor, encourage, and chief good writers into great writers. Discover the essential Copy Chief skills you need to know to remove the friction and get the words to work.

As an entrepreneur, you’re the “default” Copy Chief for your business. If you’re a writer but have no interest in becoming a Copy Chief, you still need to learn to work with one effectively so the client’s copy shines … making you all look good.


Copy Breakdown #7:  How to Write a Press Release That Hits the Mark and Not the Bin with Special Guest Theresa Waggott  ($249 Value)

Join entrepreneurial couple Dr. Daniel Witkowski and his wife and business partner, Pam Witkowski as they partner with Theresa to come up with the perfect press release for Dan’s new practice. 

Theresa Waggott writes copy and co-ordinates national and regional PR campaigns that inspire action, motivate minds and deliver results. In this training, you’ll discover which press release ingredients make the difference between a news editor taking notice or taking a pass.


Copy Breakdown #8:  How to Write Compelling Story-Driven Emails with Special Guest Dr. Cindy Childress ($249 Value)

Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, is a ghostwriter and book editor for trailblazers and leaders who write books that make money and make an impact. In this training Dr. Cindy breaks down a story email that is 880 words, spans 30 years and starts out with “Uh, babe. Did you, uh, buy a car or something?” 

You’ll discover:

    • The simple dialogue trick that will draw the reader into your story and make them feel like they are right there in the moment with you.
    • How to use time travel to add motivations, fears, and hopes to your story.
    • Why you need to resist “adding value” to your story.
    • And so much more.

Copy Breakdown #9:  How to Let Your Own Unique Voice and Personality Shine in Your Copy with Special Guest Molly Pearson ($249 Value)

Molly Pearson is the copy chief and brand manager for The Couples Institute. In this training she breaks down the launch for an innovative online training program for therapists called, “The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.” 

Molly shares a fantastic email she wrote for the launch called, “You should see a therapist,” written to therapists! The email was fun, engaging, hit just the right pain point, and ended up being one of the best performing emails in the launch.

You’ll learn all about voice, how to get out of your own way, how to change your approach to fit the new post-Covid reality, and so much more. 


Copy Breakdown #10:  Travel Better, Sell More —The “New World” of Travel Writing with Special Guest Jen Stevens  ($249 Value)

Join Jen Stevens, top copywriter and the Executive Editor of International Living, as she shares insider tips and secrets like…

    • Why now is the best time to get into travel writing. It sounds counter intuitive, but Covid-19 has created some unique opportunities for new writers to break into the industry without even leaving your hometown.
    • A little known trick to get 4-star resorts to give you an all-expenses-paid vacation. Hint: it has nothing to do with saying you’re a travel writer.
    • How to launch a successful second career as a travel writer while working full time in your current job.
    • The down and dirty details of exactly how much you can expect to make as a travel writer and the real truth about the perks.
    • The best destinations to write about and the ones you should avoid at all costs.
    • What travel editors look for when buying articles and how to pitch them so they will say “yes” immediately.
    • Plus how you can use these easy travel article writing techniques to fund your retirement travel dreams.

Copy Breakdown #11: The Never-Ending Control: How to Get Paid Royalties for the Next Decade ($249 Value)

In this popular training, I reveal the A-List copywriting strategies I used to keep this control running (and paying royalties) for 11+ years. During this Copy Breakdown I reveal:

    • How Oprah helped me come up with one of the best tests we ever ran and why standing in line at the grocery store could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
    • How I get A-list writers to find new ideas for me! Without paying them a single dime.
    • The simple but brilliant trick David Deutsch taught me that lit a new fire under this control and kept it going another 3 years when I was out of ideas.
    • Where to find those big ideas (that are usually hidden in plain sight within your package) and how to leverage them for thousands more in royalties.
    • How I turned a boring legal notice into a breakthrough control.
    • The Gary Bencivenga tip I used to grab this control from another A-list copywriter.
    • The secret I learned from an energy healer that completely changed how I thought about the product and launched a new control.
    • The David Deutsch “death test” and how it can help you sell thousands more if you use it right.

What you’ll learn will likely change how your approach projects forever…no more one-offs. You’ll know how to approach every project as if it were going to be an 11-year moneymaker!

“Marcella knows how to work on an idea until it’s right…”


“I’ve worked with Marcella for over 15 years. In that time, she’s created outstanding copy, helped us sell millions of dollars in products, has brought innovative ideas to Money Map Press, and has inspired dozens of writers on our staff as well as contractors.


“Marcella knows how to work on an idea until it’s right… she spares no effort in getting to a final that is polished, aggressive and, most importantly – sells a ton.


She was instrumental in helping Money Map create our “Harvard of Copywriting” series, which trained a ton of folks. She’s so generous in helping others succeed, that it truly amazes me – and the folks she mentors.”


— Mike Ward, Founder & Publisher of Money Map Press, one of the largest, most profitable financial publishing companies in the world.


Copy Breakdown #12:  The $5.5 Million Promo Breakdown: From Big Idea to Big Profits with Special Guest Henry Bingaman – a 10 part series ($599 Value)

Join Henry Bingaman and I as we divulge our best A-List copywriting secrets. We break down our $5.5 million dollar cannabis options promo and take you behind the scenes to see the exact process you can use to take any promotion from good to great.

    • Watch as we take a sh*tty first draft and hammer it into a multimillion-dollar promo with absolutely nothing more than this secret drafting tool used by A-list copywriters worldwide.
    • Lurk as a fly on the wall inside our creative brainstorming sessions and see the exact moment where we finally land the “big idea.”
    • Discover the secret of “misdirection” which is how top-tier copywriters make their copy read like a novel you simply can’t put down.
    • Learn the Hollywood screenwriting techniques that transform the copy from a boring recitation of the facts… to a polished movie plot.
    • Uncover the secrets of “transmutation” which take your product from a boring widget to the experience of a lifetime.
    • See how one word can change an entire promo and how to develop a dictionary of money making profit-words for your own million-dollar promos.

“Marcella and Henry’s ‘$5.5 Million Dollar Promo Makeover’ is an amazing look inside what it really takes to create a promotion of any kind at the very highest level — from the ways of thinking to actual techniques.


It was eye-opening for me and it’s assigned viewing for any copywriter I mentor.


It’s like you’re there with them through the process, looking over their shoulders.


They don’t just show and explain the end result. They take you through the work it took to get there.


Not for the faint of heart. But definitely for anyone aspiring to high-level copywriting success.”


— David L. Deutsch,


Now for a few days ONLY you can get all 12 of these highly popular copy breakdowns for only $79.


With LEGACY BUNDLE #1: The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns you get not just one, not two, but TWELVE successful controls for health, finance, travel writing and more. But you get more than the controls themselves… 

You also get some of the top A-list writers in the industry today showing you exactly how they wrote these winning packages. These are lessons you can put to work immediately to elevate your own copy and land those six-figure royalties for yourself.

Plus, when you buy The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns for just $79 today you also get this very SPECIAL BONUS.



17 Ways To Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win
($79 value) 


Writer’s block deserves its own special circle in hell.  It saps your energy, destroys your confidence, and makes you feel like a failure. And, if you make your living as a creative freelancer, it can destroy your bank account and your business too. 

The good news is you can banish self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, petty jealousy, and procrastination, forever and I’ve rounded up 17 of today’s top female freelancers to show you how. 

Take our salty seasoned advice and you’ll be creating winning copy, content, and campaigns in record time – without all the drama and self-sabotage!


So that’s a total of 12 Copy Breakdowns by legends of the craft – a $3,338 value (conservatively speaking)
for only $79. 


PLUS our most popular report on overcoming writer’s block, an additional $79 value for FREE.

This is the first and LAST time you will ever see this offer. 

So if you want to level up your copywriting game with help from the absolute masters of the craft, I suggest you order LEGACY BUNDLE #1: The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns – 12 winning promotions in health, finance, training, travel, and more…


Yes! I want the Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns!

Buy Now


Now, if you’re ONLY interested in improving your writing skills, then Legacy Bundle #1 is the best choice for you. 

However, if you’re a woman in business who is looking to grow and up level her business skills as well, then be sure to check out Legacy Bundle #2

For only $20 more, you get 70 additional Success Key Trainings designed to help you close the success gap once and for all.

Look, the research is clear:  Women are NOT tiny men!

Female and female-adjacent freelancers and entrepreneurs face different and greater challenges than men do. And many solutions that work for men simply do not work for women. 

The secret to overcoming these challenges is to focus on the powerful, tested-in-the-trenches real-world strategies and tactics specifically proven to work for women.

This is why I’m proud to present:


The Mentoress Collective Legacy of Success

  • The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns  
  • PLUS The Complete Mentoress Collective Library of Trainings

This is the ONLY archive of its kind that is specifically designed to help female and female-adjacent entrepreneurs to not just survive but thrive and grow in a male-dominated business world.



The Mentoress Collective Library of Trainings 

Features 7 Success Keys Every Female Entrepreneur and Freelancer Must Master including…


The Growth Key


Let’s face it. Growth is uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient. In this series you can learn to take bigger swings and greater leaps, not without risk, but with wisdom and confidence guiding the way.

1. How to Build a Successful Evergreen Funnel for High Ticket Offers that Can 5x Sales & Banish Burnout with Rose Radford
($149 Value)
Rose shares her secrets on what it takes to create epic offers for both your clients’ businesses and your own. You’ll not only learn how an evergreen funnel contributes to a successful business but also how to achieve this without burnout.

In this training, Rose shares why the consistency of an evergreen program is key to scaling. 

2. The 2022 Rock/Star Life Planner with Suzanne Paulinski ($149 Value)
Suzanne shows us how a planner designed with the creative-entrepreneur in mind can help you organize appointments, manage finances, and keep track of where to put your focus each day.

She also leads us through a vision board exercise to help you master…work/life balance so you can work smarter, not harder, and end sleep shaming, self-medicating, or shiny-object syndrome.

3. Building Meaningful Relationships with Yasmine El Baggari ($149 Value)
In this training Yasmine shows you why interpersonal connections across cultures and perspectives are essential to your success as an individual, as an entrepreneur, and as a community member.

4. Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme ($149 Value)
Discover why indecision and the unknown might just be the most powerful stops along your journey, even if it feels like you’re “supposed” to have a clear path forward.

5. What Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Legal Contracts and Agreements with Abbey Woodcock ($149 Value)
If you’re a freelancer, this training is for you. This training shows you how to structure fees so you get paid on time and not get stiffed. And so much more …

6. Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur with Shelley Brander ($149 Value)
Shelley Brander shares her insights about putting your passion first and turning your creative side hustle into your main job. She also talks about how to stay the course with your seemingly impossible dream.

7. Tough Titties with Laura Belgray ($149 Value)
Laura talks about carving an unconventional path to success by living on your own terms and timeline.

8. How to Master Fear with Brian McCarthy and Angie Colee ($149 Value)
Brian shares how The Wheel of Fear keeps you stuck—and how to separate yourself from fear so you can create the life you want.

Plus, a simple writing exercise to clear your mind of negativity and feel like the universe is conspiring to help you. 

9. Permission to Kick Ass with Angie Colee ($149 Value)
Angie Colee shows us the process she developed to help you conquer your fears, move toward your goals, and feel more comfortable taking smart risks.

10. How to Befriend Fear with Christal Brown ($149 Value)
Modern dancer and Life Mastery Consultant, Christal Brown shares her unique system for using movement and patterns to break through fear and achieve success… even if you have two left feet.

11. How to Unleash Your Inner Hustle with Carline Anglade-Cole ($149 Value)
Carline Anglade-Cole, million-dollar copywriter, shares some powerful lessons about breaking free from the norm, expressing your true self… and building the determination to TRY – even if it means redefining failure!

12. You Don’t Have to Get Naked to Get Creative with Dr. Cindy Childress ($149 Value)
Rewriting history is a powerful way to heal the past. It’s also a great way to break through writer’s block and boost creativity.

In this training Dr. Cindy Childress shares how she spun a negative comment from a sexist jerk into copywriting gold. Now that’s sweet revenge!

13. You Are the Source of Your Power with Monica Day ($149 Value)
If you’ve ever felt discouraged or demotivated, Monica Day’s wisdom (and amazing sense of humor) will help you reclaim your true source of power so you can energize your life and your business.

14. Audacity: The Key to Overcoming Ignorance, Discrimination, and Bias ($149 Value)
What does it feel like to be a creative entrepreneur navigating the world in the midst of bias?

Join three very special guest experts and find out…

Chima Mmeje, SEO copywriter and content strategist and founder of the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries.

Orion Brown,  Founder and CEO of BlackTravelBox®, a premium clean beauty brand targeting women of color. 

And Enda Ndungu, former Corporate Finance Analyst turned Direct Response Copywriter who believes in the power of Ethical Marketing. 

You’ll discover:

    • Why “Audacity” is the one word you should embrace to get ahead.
    • Dirty tricks your mind plays on you that rob you of your confidence and make you question your authority as a professional.
    • Surprising and subtle ways bias happens—it’s not just in your head.
    • How to navigate bias without losing your self-confidence.
    • How to support people experiencing bias while growing your authority as a professional.

Leadership Key


Gain the confidence you need to position yourself as an expert in your field and lead with authenticity.

15. Battle-Tested Ways to Conquer Stress with Colonel Deb Lewis
($149 Value)
Imagine using stress to your advantage instead of holding you back.

In this training, Col. Deb Lewis shares simple strategies and tips to turn negative stress into positive outcomes at work and at home.

15. The Secret to Leading High-Powered Teams as a Woman in Business with Annie Hyman Pratt ($149 Value)
CEO and Founder of Leading Edge Teams, Annie Hyman Pratt gives you the tools you need to renegotiate any agreement with a client, a team member, or a business partnership.

17. Excellent Leadership Isn’t What You Think ($149 Value)
Annie Hyman Pratt shares her insights on how women get in their own way, and what we must do differently to thrive and succeed on our own terms.

Knowing your Leadership Super Power means understanding what drives your thoughts and actions. And once you know that, you can fully own and contribute from the strength of your Superpower.

18. How to be Deliberate in Chaotic Times with Abbey Woodcock ($149 Value)
Abbey talks about a planning process designed specifically for freelancers. She also talks about how to stop being reactive to both problems and opportunities.

19. Building Authentic Authority in an Age of Fake with Dr. Cristy Lopez ($149 Value)
Dr. Cristy Lopez walks you through a proven 5-step process to banish self-doubt and imposter syndrome. She also answers some big questions about building and owning your authority and achievements.

 Marketing, Branding and Expert Positioning


20. Get Clear and Blended with Your Brand with Tara Street ($149 Value) Tara Street from Braid Creative walks you through 7 ways to brand YOU, what you do, and most importantly, what you want to be known for.

21. Positioning Yourself as an Expert with Ilise Brown ($149 Value)
Ilise Benun is known as “the go-to online resource for creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets.” Discover the 4 big ideas around marketing yourself – and your business.

22. Overdeliver: Is Overdelivering Always a Good Thing? with Brian Kurtz ($149 Value)
Is overdelivering a good thing or a bad thing?

Brian Kurtz, dives deep into this concept and answers many more of your questions about networking, conferences, his book, Overdeliver, and the most important thing to know about marketing.

23. Visual Branding with Tamara Glick, Gisela Viera, and Hillary Weiss ($149 Value)
What exactly is your personal brand? Listen to 3 visual-branding experts who share their wisdom and experience.

Hillary Weiss starts with “A Million Little Meanings” and shares how to make your brand more than just colors, fonts, and photos.

Gisela Viera shares “Visual Presence and Power for Virtual Meetings that Matter,” showing you how to improve your visual presence on Zoom.

Finally, Tamara Glick talks about “What is Your Personal Brand, Really, and How To Make It Come Alive on Screen or Stage” … including visual cues to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

24. How to Land The Gigs and Jobs You Want with Lisa Rangel ($149 Value)
In this training, Lisa Rangel shows you how to position experience and authority so you can align yourself directly with the job and gigs you want and easily say NO to the jobs (or clients) you don’t want.

26. Story Telling Secrets for Every Stage with Mary Kincaid ($149 Value)
Mary Kincaid is an in-demand story coach for CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide. She talks about the three main components that make your story great. She also gives insights into the biggest mistake people make when telling their story.

27. The Power of a Spoken Story with Mary Kincaid ($149 Value)
Would you love to be able to tell and write captivating stories?

There’s a fundamental difference between stories that are meant to be read and stories that are meant to be spoken. Knowing the difference is the secret to writing the kind of copy that sings.

28. How to Start a Successful Copywriting Engagement (and what to do when it doesn’t go as planned) with Annie Hyman Pratt ($149 Value)
In this video, Annie Hyman Pratt shares her tips for starting on the right foot and recovering the relationship if things go sideways.

The Mentoring Key


Mentoring matters.

Discover why the old top-down “guru” model of mentorship no longer works and how you can use a new mentoring model to get the insight, advice, and skills you need to succeed.

29. Your Copy Sucks – You Don’t! 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting… Business… and Life! with Carline Anglade-Cole
($149 Value)
If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to receive an email from Carline Anglade-Cole that begins with, “You know I love you, right?” then you have received some much needed “schooling” as only Carline can deliver it.

As a multiple award-winning million-dollar international copywriter and mentor, Carline wants nothing more than to see you succeed, even at the risk of saying what is uncomfortable or difficult to hear. This is an extraordinary gift and one that has had a huge impact on my career and my life.

Her loving advice and mentoring has not only helped me to improve my copywriting, but to grow my business, become a better parent, make wiser choices with my money, and deepen my faith.

And now she shares the same wisdom with you.

30. From Mentee To Mentor: How a Depressed, Functionally Illiterate Loser Made It to the Copywriting A-List with Pauline Longdon ($149 Value)
In this training Pauline Longdon talks about the 3 things to look for in a great mentor. Plus, how to tell if you have the right mentor for you.

31. The Art of Mentoring with Ravi Gundlapalli ($149 Value)
Ravi Gundlapalli shares his insights on the power of mentoring, including simple mentoring tools and techniques to achieve your full potential.

“My mentor literally gave me strength & courage I never could have imagined.”


“I had ONE mentoring session with my Mentoress Collective Mentor and was stunned by how connected and inspired and empowered I felt afterward. 


It literally erased ANY doubt I had about considering asking for a mentor. My mentor literally gave me strength & courage I never could have imagined. Feel SO blessed to be starting down this path…” 


 —Elizabeth Pickart, Copywriter, Red Running Shoe Publications


“I cannot believe the generosity of these women.”


“I cannot believe the generosity of these women. I have only previously been thrown under the bus by women. Always wanted a mentor! This is a completely different vibe than I’ve ever experienced.“   


—Jonna Jerome


The Money Key


Rethink your financial approach: start charging what you’re really worth, earn more, and raise more money for your business.


32. Nine Savvy Money Habits with Melissa Tosetti ($149 Value) Melissa Tosetti shares the 9 money habits that will help you to build a strong financial foundation WHILE enjoying the journey.

Find out how these habits can help you find and maintain financial balance in your life without sacrificing your joy.

33. The Abundance Code with Julie Ann Cairns ($149 Value)
Uncover and address the 7 core limiting subconscious beliefs or money myths that hold you back.

You’ve got to shift these limiting beliefs before you can achieve any of your money goals.

34. Closing the Money Gap – How to Close the Pay Gap in Copywriting with Kira Hug ($149 Value)
Explore the money (and success) gap in the world of copywriting with Kira Hug from The Copywriter Club.

Find out how you can build your confidence, increase your pricing, and close the Money Gap.

35. Profit First: Make Your Money Work For You with Liz Farr ($149 Value)
Liz Farr, breaks down basic principles she uses from the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

Find out how you can leverage the power of habit to make your money work for you.

36. Mastermind Your Money: Partnerships and Mindset Tools to Grow your Business with Rachel Mazza and Laura Gale ($149 Value)
In this training Laura and Rachel talk about how to promote yourself and your writing business when you’re short on time, resources, and confidence. Plus how to get a constant flow of new, qualified leads, how to leverage the power of a business partnership, the best way to manage your money, and so much more.

37. Money Matters with Arwen Becker ($149 Value)
Arwen Becker talks about what women entrepreneurs MUST know about money matters in order to succeed in the often male-dominated world of business and finance.

The Negotiating Key


Negotiating the right way changes your life.

38. Unfollow Your Passion: How to Create a Life that Matters to You with Terri Trespicio
($149 Value)
In this training session, award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor Terri Trespicio guides us through how to unhook yourself from other people’s agendas.

Plus, how to explore your own creativity, memory, and intuition to unlock your unique path to meaning.

39. Structuring and Negotiating Strategic Partnerships with Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza of Copy Chief ($149 Value)
Rachel and Kevin discuss how to explore, vet, and start a strategic business partnership.

They also talk about how to negotiate and structure the relationship in a way that works for everyone.

40. The “Worst” Negotiating Mistakes Women Make with Ilise Benun ($149 Value)
In this training, Ilise Benun shares the worst negotiating mistakes women make and what you can do to overcome them.

The Self-Care Key


Stop neglecting your physical and mental health, and start making your own well-being a priority.


41. Living an Extraordinary Life with a Plant-Based Lifestyle with Dr. Dan and Pam Witkowski ($149 Value) Dan and Pam show us how busy entrepreneurs can live a healthy lifestyle.

They share the top 3 resources for evidence-based nutrition and self-care, and how to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling the demands of being an entrepreneur.

42. Cosmic Journaling with Yanik Silver ($149 Value)
Yanik Silver guides you through a “cosmic” way of journaling— and he even shows you how to journal with two hands!

43. Same Words, Different Language with Barbara Annis ($149 Value)
Discover the fascinating brain science behind the difference in how men and women think and how you can apply it to life at home and work.

Barbara Annis, Founder of the Gender Intelligence Group, also talks about what you can tell yourself when you catch yourself going down a path of worry.

44. Negotiating Skills for the Most Neglected Member of Your Team – YOU with Dr. Peter Pearson ($149 Value)
Dr. Pearson tackles the tricky conversation about “self-care” head on—by forcing you to confront your own limitations.

Before you can negotiate with anyone else for self-care… you have to first negotiate with yourself. What are you willing to let go of? What are you willing to ask for and what can you sacrifice?

These questions help you determine how to get the self-care you need.

45. Your Roadmap to Restoration: How to Take Time for Deliberate Rest and Sustain Yourself No Matter What Obstacles You Face with Renee Teller ($149 Value)
Renée Teller, entrepreneur, author and Life Strategist shares the 5 key principles to creating a deliberate practice of rest.

46. Put a Sock in It: How to End Harsh Self-Criticism and Negative Self-Talk for Good with Dr. Joan Rosenberg ($149 Value)
Dr. Joan Rosenberg reveals the root cause of negative self-talk and harsh self-criticism.

Trust me, it’s not what you think. But, then, she’ll explain why this kind of self-talk is NOT motivating no matter what anyone says. It can deplete your energy and drain your soul if you’re not careful.

Dr. Joan also shows you her proprietary 90-second process that helps you silence your caustic critic for good and rebuild your self-esteem.


47. How to Stare Down Triumph and Disaster Without Numbing Yourself with Molly Pearson ($149 Value) If you’ve ever set an “impossible” goal for yourself, one that made you question everything you’re made of, you’ll love this special training.

PLUS You Get the Landmark
Closing The Success Gap Symposium

($1,500 Value)



For the first time ever, today’s leading female entrepreneurs, experts, bestselling authors, and thought leaders came together for five days to share their best mentoring to change the future for women in business.


Get all All 24 Guest Expert Trainings

PLUS, our groundbreaking 44-page research report,
Closing the Success Gap for Women in Business.

AND our gorgeous 84-page anthology, Uprising: How fierce female freelancers are closing the success gap for women in business.

All designed to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back and take your business and career to the next level.

“I hope you are feeling very proud and fulfilled and continuing to celebrate your triumph bringing this to the world.”


“Another great day! I just kept thinking… what a massive undertaking this must have been. Heck, getting ONE person to show up for ONE interview takes hours. Not to mention promotion, followup, coordination, questions about what will take place, etc.


I hope you are feeling very proud and fulfilled and continuing to celebrate your triumph bringing this to the world.”


 —David Deutsch


Closing the Success Gap Day 1 – The Money Gap

The Closing the Success Gap event kicks off with one of the most pressing topics: money.

In this training, you’ll hear top businesswomen share stories about their experiences (and how they overcame them. 

Jenny Thompson – Founder and CEO of SafetyPIN Technologies. 

Kira Hug – Co-Founder and Podcast Co-Host for The Copywriter Club 

Julie Ann Cairns – Top Selling Author of The Abundance Code

Nicola Corzine – Executive Director at NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, NASDAQ Mentor Makers

Melissa Jun Rowley – Founder of Warrior Love Productions, Contributor for BBC News and Forbes


Closing the Success Gap Day 2 – The Caregiving and Self-Care Gaps 

This session focuses on exposing the word “Superwoman” for what it is—a toxic compliment that keeps us stuck in perpetual burnout and overwhelm.

Belinda Weaver – Copywriting Coach and Mentor, Founder of Copywrite Matters

Laurel Anne Stark – Business and Marketing Consultant, CEO and Founder of the Resurgo App

Pauline Longdon – Direct Response Copywriter and Copy Mentor, Founder of The Copy Alchemist, Bestselling Author

Yasmine El Baggari – Founder and CEO of Voyaj

Ilise Benun – Founder of, Business Coach for the Savannah College of Art and Design, and Author of 7 Books


Closing the Success Gap Day 3 – The Leadership Gap 

This training covers the differences between being an expert, being a manager, and being a leader. Plus, how knowing where you fit best can propel your career forward.

Dr. Cindy Childress – The Expert’s Ghostwriter, Founder of Childress Business Communication and Amazon Bestselling Ghostwriter

Erika Nolan – International CEO of The Agora Companies

Elizabeth Massing – Director of Personnel and Talent at 14 West

Annie Hyman Pratt – CEO and Executive Consultant, Founder of Leading Edge Teams

Katie Yeakle – Co-Founder and Executive Director of American Writers & Artists Institute

Rebecca Matter – President of American Writers & Artists Institute

Dr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne – Rocket Scientist, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Multiple Leadership Roles at NASA


Closing the Success Gap Day 4 – The Growth Gap 

Growth is painful. Risks are scary. But you’ve got to get comfortable with the discomfort, because that’s exactly how we get to where we want to be.

Angie Colee – Confidence Coach and Business Strategist, Copy Chief, and Host of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast

Laura Steward – Business Strategist, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Host of It’s All About the Questions with Laura Steward, Founder of Wisdom Learned, LLC

Carline Anglade-Cole – Award-Winning Direct Response Copywriter, Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Mentor, Founder of the C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring After Show! 

Aubrey R. Paris, Ph.D. – Former IEEE-USA Science & Engineering Diplomacy Fellow

“LOVED today’s seminar! You are on fire!”


“Marcella – First of all – you need to have your own talk show! You are cool, calm & collected and you look beautiful!
LOVED today’s seminar! You are on fire!”


—Carline Anglade-Cole


Closing the Success Gap Day 5 – Moving Forward with Mentoring

Learn how to know when you’re ready for a mentor. The mentoring models that work best for women… and the right way (and the wrong way) to ask someone for mentoring.

Mary Pierce Brosmer – Award-Winning Author, Founder of Women Writing for (a) Change and the Feminist Leadership Academy

Monica Day – Speaker, Author, and Founder of MAD Life

Barbara Annis – CEO of Gender Intelligence Group and World-Renowned Expert on Gender, Diversity, and Inclusive Leadership

Marcella Allison – Founder of the Mentoress Collective, Award-Winning Direct Response Copywriter, Author of Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?


Now for the first and LAST time… 

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With LEGACY BUNDLE #2: Mentoresss Collective Legacy of Success (For Female or Female-Adjacent Entrepreneurs ONLY) you get 

    • The Complete Mentoress Collective Library of Trainings (a $7,000 value):  This is the ONLY archive of its kind that is specifically designed to help female and female-adjacent entrepreneurs to thrive and grow in a male-dominated business world.
    • The landmark Closing The Success Gap Symposium (a $1,500 value):  Life-changing mentoring from powerful female leaders, who came together for the first time to pay it forward to the next generation of women in business. They share their go-to strategies for building a profitable and personally fulfilling business today – without sacrificing your health or your sanity!
    • The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns (a $3,338 value):  Top A-list writers share the copy lessons behind TWELVE successful controls for health, finance, travel writing and more.
    • 17 Ways To Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win (a $79 Value): Banish perfectionism, procrastination, and profit-limiting beliefs so you can create more winning copy, content, and campaigns on demand.

PLUS our most popular course…

SPECIAL BONUS:  Expert Positioning Course – ($500 value) 

    • Part 1: Expert Positioning Critique: Credentialize Yourself —Introduction
    • Part 2: Six Key Mistakes Women Make When Credentializing ThemselvesBased on multiple studies with c-suite executives, this training shows you how to successfully credentialize yourself when talking to men or women without being labeled a “bossy bitch.” Discover the secret strategies that help you stand out as a leader, expand your circle of influence, and position yourself as an expert in your field both online and in person.
    • Part 3: The Credentialize Yourself HotseatsA raw and unedited look at how a small group of women discovered the best way to position themselves and their business. The Credentialize Yourself Hot Seats recording reveals both the visceral side of “becoming the best” as well as tactical notes and strategies to help you create your own Power Profile and Elevator Pitch.This must-watch “basement tape” training contains several different styles of pitches and profiles you can easily swipe-and-deploy inside your own business this week.
    • Part 4: How to “Steal the Stage” and Position Yourself as an Expert at Live and Online Events with Guest Expert Abbey WoodcockStealing the Stage is a two-part training and template bundle that is your key to using online and offline events to shine the spotlight on your talent and authority. Forget about bragging, Abbey will show you how to steal the stage just by being a nice person that glows with authenticity. (This training is perfect for introverts.)
    • Part 5:  Expert Positioning TemplatesA plug-and-play template that shows you how to build out your bio so you can establish your authority from the get-go. Build respect easily across all platforms by using this template to crystalize your bio and unify your branding message.

“Marcella you’re a genius. I was helping a friend prepare for her job interview. She had been under-employed for the last 10 years making about $20,000 a year. Because of the information you shared with me she was able to negotiate a salary of $94,000. She was ecstatic and cried with joy. She’s still on cloud nine. Thank you.”


 —Amit Suneja, Entrepreneur, Business Strategies & Consultant


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The Legacy I Choose to Leave for You

Now you may be wondering, why would I give away this incredible archive of wisdom, knowledge, and hard-won experience for pennies on the dollar… or $0.008 cents on the dollar to be exact.

The short answer is… because this is the legacy I choose to leave behind.

No, I’m not retiring. Or to quote Monty Python, I’m “Not dead yet!”

I’m just choosing to put my own emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being first. 

I’m choosing new work that is “purposeful, playful, and profitable” as my mentor Yanik Silver says. And I’m excited to see what’s next.

But before I charge forth into this new future, I want to end this stage of my career, the same way I began it… with an act of radical generosity.

From that very first dinner in Stamford, Connecticut to our final closing ceremony on June 3rd, the Mentoress Collective Legacy of Success is the legacy I built with hundreds of smart, talented, generous women (and men) over the past seven years.

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I want you to have all the tools you need to succeed as a copywriter, entrepreneur or freelancer, not just in business… but in life as well.. 

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    • The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns (a $3,338 value):  Top A-list copywriters share the key lessons behind TWELVE successful controls for health, finance, travel writing and more.
    • 17 Ways To Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win (a $79 Value): Banish perfectionism, procrastination, and profit-limiting beliefs so you can create more winning copy, content, and campaigns on demand.

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Mentoresss Collective Legacy of Success $99

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    • The Complete Mentoress Collective Library of Trainings (a $7,000 value):  This is the ONLY archive of its kind that is specifically designed to help female and female-adjacent entrepreneurs to thrive and grow in a male-dominated business world.
    • The Landmark Closing The Success Gap Symposium (a $1,500 value): Life-changing mentoring from powerful female leaders, who came together for the first time to pay it forward to the next generation of women in business. They share their go-to strategies for building a profitable and personally fulfilling business today – without sacrificing your health or your sanity!
    • The Mentoress Collective Copy Breakdowns (a $3,338 value):  Top A-list writers share the copy lessons behind TWELVE successful controls for health, finance, travel writing and more.
    • 17 Ways To Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win (a $79 Value):  Banish perfectionism, procrastination, and profit-limiting beliefs so you can create more winning copy, content, and campaigns on demand.
    • Expert Positioning Course ($500 value): Discover how to examine ALL your skills, credentials, accomplishments, and experience and craft them to position yourself as the expert in your field – whether you have a single day or several decades of experience!

Yes! Give me Lifetime Access to The Mentoress Collective Legacy of Success for ONLY $99


I’m incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learned as the “Fearless Leader of the Mentoress Collective.” I do not regret a single moment of it. And I’m incredibly proud of all we have accomplished together.

Thank you for choosing to be part of my legacy. 


To your success, 

Marcella Allison

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