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together, we are a fierce female network


together, we are a fierce female network

”I have to tell you that because of the Mentoress Collective and the women in it who have encouraged me to stand firm in negotiating pay, I was just able to negotiate a 50% increase in my pay! Thank you for helping me believe in myself and not be afraid of asking for what I’m worth. It paid off, and I now get to handle work on a much bigger scale. I’m thrilled. Thank you all. 

— Melissa Gouty, Marketing Manager

tap into the power

of the “Old Girls’” Network


Everyday we overcome obstacles and close success gaps together. We push each other to take bigger swings. Together we are building a better future for our businesses, our communities, and ourselves one day at a time.

We amplify, sponsor, and lift each other up. We freely share our resources and connections with each other so that we might ALL move forward faster.

The Mentoress Collective brings together powerful women from all types of industries. Together we are:

  • writers and content creators
  • creative freelancers
  • consultants and coaches
  • entrepreneurs and small business owners

We believe in generously sharing our wisdom, strength, and experience with one another. In the Mentoress Collective, we all mentor each other. This is NOT some top-down ‘sit at the feet of the guru’ community.

The Mentoress Collective is the hidden advantage to going as fierce and as far in business as you desire.

”I started as a full-time freelance content writer in January 2020 and it started off slowly with the pandemic, but I didn’t quit. 

I currently have five monthly retainer clients and looking for one more. So it’s been a great year and this amazing Mentoress Collective community has helped with the confidence I need to ask for what I’m worth — and get it.

– Anne Gollert Hill, Redhead Writer

closing the success gap
for women in business

Shocking new research in the Harvard Business Review reveals that women need women-only networks to succeed at the highest levels in business.

In fact, women who have BOTH a co-ed network of well-connected peers…

…AND a women-only inner circle…

land jobs with more authority and nearly TRIPLE the pay
than women who rely only on their co-ed network.1

Why? It turns out women share critical information with each other. And that information helps them to succeed in the often male-dominated world of business.

In another study of 2,600 women across all industries, women who attended just one women-only conference or networking event, DOUBLED their chances of getting a promotion in the following year.2 Yes, doubled!

That’s because, just like men, women share job opportunities, connections, and introductions with each other. And, we actively promote our own.

And in a third study, the prestigious Boston Consulting Group confirms that access to robust support networks like the Mentoress Collective helps to close the success gap between male and female entrepreneurs.3

Discover how a second female-only network can help you go as fierce and far in business as you desire.

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Find out how you measure up across 5 key success factors for women in business. Plus the actions you can take now to close the gap for good.

  • The single biggest obstacle women face when building their business and how to overcome it. Hint: it’s not access to capital or discrimination. The answer will surprise you.
  • How female freelancers can close the pay gap. According to a recent survey, female freelancers charge 28% LESS than their male colleagues. 28%! Here’s what you must do now, BEFORE you book another job!
  • The ONE household task that working women are THREE TIMES as likely to do. Forget about washing the dishes or vacuuming, this one will exhaust you before you realize it. Here’s how to ask for (and get) the support you need at home.
  • The clever trick that helps women overcome their fear of failure. It’s like a risk vaccine for entrepreneurs.
  • One simple thing any woman can do to TRIPLE her chance of earning 10% MORE money next year. Hint: it has nothing to do with marketing!
  • And much, much more…

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The Mentoress Collective has already helped me with contracts, NDA’s, inspiration and a sense of community. And just today I secured a three-month retainer with a super exciting, female-led startup. The Mentoress Collective is one of my best finds since starting my business.

Theresa Jane,

The women I’ve gotten to know here have helped me so much! In just the past two weeks, I’ve talked to four mentors about my pricing for new projects that I knew were their niches. I also lined up two more as experts for articles I’m writing. AND I’ve recommended several women for projects I’ve heard about. It’s awesome having such a network of talented women to tap into and to promote…I’m so glad I found the Mentoress Collective and decided to become a part of it!

Kristen Stelzer,
Kristen Stelzer Content & Copywriting

When we come together we are

to be reckoned with

Join us for free women-only networking
and mentoring events like…

  • Mentoress Collective Literary Salons where you can connect with female authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from all over the world for conversations about key topics for women in business.
  • Fearless Fast Writes where we punch through boundaries and unlock new creative insights. This deceptively simple journaling exercise is not about perfection. It’s not even about good writing. It’s about getting your creative juices flowing and letting some new ideas bubble forth.
  • Private Facebook group where we actively co-mentor each other, hold a protected space for honest discussion, share job opportunities, and more.
  • Thought-provoking e-letters that reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, and the OMG, WTF? of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.

Register here for invitations to our upcoming events!

“Thank you so much for including me yesterday. It was a joy to witness what you created – what a beautiful group of women! After a particularly frustrating day of feeling unheard, it was magical to be part of something where everyone listens and respects each other…

Kerri Shannon

“Oh wow. Thank you all for that fast write today. Who knew you could go so deep with things in just five minutes? A lot to be unpacking and growing from… THANK YOU!”

Jen Adams

“It has not been in my nature to join ‘women’s groups,’ yet it turned out to be extremely useful, powerful and impactful for me.

Kathleen Patten,
Mentoress Collective event attendee

“What a deep experience, to spend such a short amount of time and get to know you all (and myself) so much better … it’s like a light in the middle of my otherwise everyday day! Thanks, all!”

Joyce Hollman

“All I could keep thinking was, ‘I am so honored to be in the midst of such fine, brave women.’ Thank you.”

Mary Rose Maguire

Give Your Female-Founded Business

the Best
Chance for

Become a member of the Mentoress Collective today and jumpstart your business and your income with an army of fierce female freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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1Research: Men and Women Need Different Kinds of Networks to Succeed by Brian Uzzi, Harvard Business Review, February 25, 2019

2Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality? by Shawn Achor, Harvard Business Review, February 13, 2018

3Want to Boost the Global Economy by $5 Trillion? Support Women as Entrepreneurs by Shalini Unnikrishnan and Cherie Blair, Boston Consulting Group

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